01 March 2011

Tut Week: Breakdancing with King Boogaloo Tut

This week I'm bombing you with Tut. Today, let's meet 'Tutting', a funk dance style inspired by Egyptian Hieroglyphs (and a cousin of popping). Check out this 1979 video with Mark Benson AKA King Boogaloo Tut and the dance crew Street Scape:

Those gold knickers... man I wish I could pull that off. The fruity white guy in suspenders is amazing too.
To add a layer of crazy, King Boogaloo Tut says he was inspired by this Bugs Bunny cartoon:

This clip is from 'A Hare Grows in Manhattan' (1947). The cigarette billboard scene was censored in later broadcasts as too un-PC! This scene, of course, has nothing to do with Tutankhamun: but it's a nice illustration of how 'King Tut' functions as a catchall for anything with an Egyptian theme.

Regardless, the sequence Egyptomania > Bugs Bunny > Breakdancing is some serious historical alchemy.

Maybe you want to learn tutting at home? This site will help you. Also check out these crazy videos of 1980s tutting from Soviet Russia: Dontesk 1988 and Palanga Festival 1988.

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