22 March 2011

Genghis Khan Week: Dschinghis Khan

Let me introduce you to Germany's 1979 entry into the Eurovision song contest: Dschinghis Khan.

Music starts at 0:46. Some of the finest German historical disco ever produced! The song is basically about Genghis Khan's conquests, loves, horses, etc. Totally mesmerizing faux-Mongol outfits and disco dancing. Read this fantastic DK fan blog for translations of a ton of interviews and lifestyle pieces about the band. The video for 'Moscow' is pretty good too.

Dschinghis Khan was insanely popular, spawning cover versions in English, Estonian, Spanish, Finnish, and especially Japanese. Here's a recent cover by Japanese girl group Berryz Koubou ('Berry Workshop'):

I wish there was a reality where I could sit down with Genghis Khan and show him this video while drinking a Chinggis Beer.


  1. Dschinghis Khan - Moskau. Pure Amazeballs.

    Check out the last track in this mix:


    I first picked up the scent off a Finnish YouTube disco dance instruction film.


    Evidence for diffusion or migration?

  2. Beautiful, Finland. Thanks for the link. I dig your mixes, pun intended!