30 June 2012

Rihanna and the Sphinx

Rihanna sings "Where have you been" at the Hackney Music Festival last weekend. 

I like the glowing pyramid behind the Sphinx. This is totally part of her Illuminati mind control conspiracy program. Between that and those stocking-shorts things she's wearing, I think I've become a minion.

A chicken dressed like Julius Caesar

Or so they say. The tunica is not bad but I don't know what's up with the sash.
(Timothy Archibald)
Why, you ask? You see, Smithsonian Magazine was doing a story on how popular chicken is as a food, and they needed some illustrations, and the photo editor was like, "what if you were to take portraits of raw chickens, dressed up as some of the most famous leaders in history?" You can't make this stuff up. See the rest here.

17 June 2012

Agamemnon vs. a leg of lamb

Wait wait, there's also this incredible dubstep number about Agamemnon and a leg of lamb. There's booty clapping.

Another fine production of rathergood.com. But the song on iTunes, along with many, many more in this vein!

Return of the Viking Kittens

Was listening to Zeppelin this morning and I had the realization that I NEVER SHARED THE VIKING KITTIES HERE. Watch as they drive their ships to new lands.


This meme is so old it's dead (2004?) but that doesn't mean we can't have a revival. Original flash video is hosted here. Mastermind Joel Veitch has a website packed with strange flash videos and weirdo songs. I like these Stalinist Laibach kitties and this hard techno track about ultraviolent German coal mining machines and Godzilla.

09 June 2012

Madball Mummy!!!

Pork Magazine Tumblr
SEAN of PORK MAGAZINE just did this sweet mummy mad ball. Remember mad balls, the 80s weirdo grossout toy? I wish I could have one of these in the flesh. Sean sez:
Via the Pork Magazine Tumblr. Mummy mummy mummy! I gotta post some mummies videos one of these days.

Lego Göbekli Tepe

This brilliant model of the ancient neolithic shrine at Göbekli Tepe, Turkey is by someone named Carl. Nice work, Carl! Via Archaeosoup productions (Twitter / Facebook).

Today's battle cry: Occupy Archaeology... with LEGO!!!!!!!

Music to Dig By: Cut Copy, 'Pharaohs and Pyramids'

Australia's Cut Copy play with archaeology lately. Check out the video for 'Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution', featuring some medieval Planet-of-the-Apes dudes resurrecting the band via ancient rituals in an cave shrine. Wha!? It's off last year's album, 'Zonoscope'.

Cut Copy - Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution from Cut Copy on Vimeo.

I also dig 'Pharoahs and Pyramids':

  Cut Copy - Pharaohs and Pyramids by modularpeople

House is burning, she's so cold / Hands of silver, hands of gold / Rising from a pyramid
She'll take you where the pharaohs live / Neatly packaged, sleek design / Glossy pamphlet, neon sign / Borrowed like a cigarette / So that way you'll be good, I guess
That's Egyptological in only the most abstract way of course. 'Pharaohs and Pyramids' is the classic Cut Copy sound. I think this is their best album so far, including the tracks where they sound EXACTLY like Andy McCluskey from OMD!

03 June 2012

Society of the Flaccid Trowel

Are there days where your trowel is not so firm? Perhaps your sidewalls are sagging more than they used to? There's a group for you.
This is perhaps my favorite coffee mug, but the owner won't let me steal it. You can get your own over at Coyote Press.