02 October 2012

Autumn Lull

It was a quiet summer at Archaeopop and the trend is continuing into fall. I needed a break from the blog; I love it but it consumes a surprising amount of processing power. After three years, I'm also chafing a little bit at my own self-imposed limits with this blog - sometimes I just want to forget about archaeology and talk about other things. I occasionally daydream about leveraging the blog toward some kind of social media celebrity, but that way lies mental illness, divorce, and let's be honest, poverty. Privacy is the new celebrity anyway, right?

These musings are by way of saying I'm not sure yet what you'll be seeing here in the next few months. There's definitely a new PORK article coming soon (or just read it here), and I'm sitting on some academic articles, story ideas, and a pile of cool photos that I hope to share sooner or later.

And thanks for reading, it makes it all worthwhile.

Sums up the mood at Archaeopop. Spotted in Venice.