18 January 2012

Gaming: Let's Play Ancient Greek Punishment!

From perverse game designer Pippin Barr comes the game you've all been waiting for: Ancient Greek Punishment! Choose from Prometheus, Tantalus, Sisyphus, the Danaids, or Zeno, and relive their thrilling punishments. This is a game you could literally play forever. Makes me feel nostalgic for playing some games on my Apple IIc. Click here to get started!
My boy Prometheus, punished for his mantic pretensions.

Our boy Sisyphus. Only a few more feet to go!

17 January 2012

Links January 18

Been traveling the last few weeks. Some belated links to a variety of archaeopop subjects...

The New York Times asks, "What's up with all the UNESCO sites?" A good introduction to the problems of WHL listing.
“The dark side, of course, is consumption,” said Francesco Bandarin, assistant director-general of Unesco and head of its World Heritage Center, speaking of the consumerism that so often surrounds heritage sites. “And consumption and preservation do not go together.” If a site is “within an hour of a harbor,” he added, “it becomes inundated by a flood of tourism and geysers of money.” 
The post-eviction archaeology of Zuccotti Park (OWS-Archaeology). Some objects are now curated at the Columbia archaeology lab! 
The first thing I noticed was change. Lots and lots of change: pennies and nickles mostly. Going through the gutters taking pictures of objects in situ before picking them up attracted attention and as I got to talk with a number of people I learned that earlier that morning (I arrived around 8:30am) people had already been seen picking up change. This would explain the lack of quarters and dimes.
How to downsize a transportation network: the Chinese wheelbarrow (Low Tech Magazine, h/t Exiled). Invented 1000 years before the European model, still more efficient. This 'European technological superiority' thing is a historical blip.

Fascinating historical research on the relationship between education and industrialization (VoxEU)