29 April 2012

Tomb of the McMummies

Tomb of the McMummies: an exhibit by artist Beneverywhere, featuring a life-sized mummy and other weird stuff made out of McDonalds food. (hat tip to Patrick Crowley for this one!)

Squid Ink at the LA Weekly interviewed him about the piece:
SI: Why McDonald's and not, say, In-N-Out?
BC: McDonald's is more iconic and has a rich lexicon of symbols, kind of like hieroglyphs in a way. It could really be about any fast food place. I personally doubt the food is much different from place to place.
SI: Can you describe the mummy construction process?
BC: The food was dried out first, then run through a blender, mixed with resin, packed into rubber molds that I made beforehand, and finally the cast pieces were bonded together with more of the mixture and cleaned up.
SI: Where does a person keep this sort of thing -- and what are you planning on doing with it exactly?
BC: Right now it's in storage covered with air hoses and other tools. For now I'm going to display it as part of a larger art show about McDonald's and Egypt. Eventually though, I'd like to find a buyer for it -- like Ripley's, Charlie Sheen, or somebody who might enjoy it.
Be careful, the mummy's got friends.
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Want more? There's a big gallery of the show on Beneverywhere's Facebook. He's also raising money on Kickstarter to expand the show:

If you like this stuff, chip in some cash! I did. 
The funds generated here will be used to purchase more materials and to pay for gas to haul everything from place to place. Since I am based in Texas, the first shows will be within the state with later shows taking place across the country. If you are interested in booking the show for your gallery or you have any questions, feel free to ask.


  1. While others might think that this guy needs a better hobby, I find this certainly interesting. I would like to see a video of the actual process of making the mummies from McDonald products.

  2. @ Archaeological surveys: totally. And I hope he follows through on his proposed Taco Bell Aztecs and Pizza Hut Pompeii!