02 March 2012

Blogina Lente

I've been on a bit of a blog holiday this winter. After a few years of regularly tending the garden I needed a few months to let the weeds grow. 'Blogina lente', one might say, after the Latin festina lente ('make haste, slowly').

Blogging is a strange form of writing, since it's amenable to so many paces of writing. In a newspaper a change in volume of an order of magnitude would be unthinkable. But I've seen blogs with 3 posts a year, 30, 300, or even 3000 (that's 4 orders of magnitude!). As an author, it's a strange kind of pressure knowing that in some sense the volume of your output is what keeps the readers coming back. This blog still feels personal enough that churning out posts simply to have more posts feels wrong. Yet I feel a tension between the intimacy of the blog-space and my responsibility to the readers who are kind enough to come back, and tell me that they enjoy what goes up here.

Anyhow, I hope I haven't lost any of you regulars. Many interesting things are in the pipeline. Come back soon!   


  1. Luckily feed readers mean I don't have to check a blog everyday to see if there's something new. So I'm not disappointed when there isn't but I'm always happy when I see a new post in a long-silent blog.

  2. Thanks, that's good consolation. I'm still a little primitive in that I haven't trained myself to be a feed reader. I probably should!