23 April 2011

A Roman Shed in Berkshire

Tony in Berkshire has turned his garden shed into a Roman Folly. It was named 'Shed of the Year' in 2007!

Once Tony got past the wife, he was able to give it appointments fit for an Emperor:
I remember admiring a ruined temple one year at the Chelsea Flower show in a garden-stone display. Following on from my interest in all things Roman, I was standing at the kitchen window one day some time later when I casually suggested to my wife that the shed might look better if it was converted to a Roman Temple. She was not amused! Three years passed during which time I produced a computer- simulated view of the garden with the proposed shed / Temple, and I continued to promote the idea at every opportunity. Then, on 23rd December 2004, I was at home when a parcel lorry arrived with my Christmas present, four (very big 2.2 metre) plastic/fibreglass Roman columns. I assumed this meant that I now had "Official Permission" to go ahead. Also featuring - Roman window bars / Amphora / Grape lights / Blue LED mood lighting / Alarm and CCTV / Roman cushions / Interior mural panels / Mosaic table / Two time zones (Britannia and Rome time). Future projects - statue of the Emperor. 
Nice one Tony! See lots more pictures here. I got turned onto this amazing contest by Boing Boing's coverage of this American diner built in a Welsh shed.

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