20 April 2011

Music to dig by: Tragic Error, 'Tanzen'

SEAN turned me on to this tight and super Archaeopop video. Sean sez:
New Beat was an underground Belgian dance music that peaked in 1988. It mixed EBM, Acid House, Hip House, Electro & Euro Disco into one style, with very martial-looking dance moves. Epitomized by acts like Silicon Dream, Hithouse & Plaza/Confetti.
Love it. This song has incredibly serious Belgian girls with frizzed-out hair and day-glo t-shirts doing their "martial-looking dance moves"  in a gallery of Classical sculpture, while the singer guy does jerky crazy dances and fondles the statues. Best three minutes of my day, almost.

This video could make a great class game for Greek Art 101: spot the famous sculptures in this video! I see the Laocoon, how about you?!


  1. repulsive and addictive. can't stop watching.

    found some 80's greek archaeopop.