05 February 2010

By their shirts shall ye know them: II

Yes, it's a lifestyle choice.

Last year I featured the embarrassing inanity of the archaeology gear available at Café Press. My faith in archaeological fashion was restored a bit this summer at Sagalassos, where the crew had a pretty cool assortment of archaeology shirts. (Much of the crew is Flemish and Dutch, so the shirts are too.)

Johan's gotten some mileage out of this one. Though I guess to be a real dig shirt it has to have some use-wear marks.

I want one of these warning signs!

"Antwerp Association for Roman Archaeology." Cute mascot.

Rob demonstrates proper drinking technique in this highly conceptual shirt. A skeleton metal detecting excavating? What if it found another skeleton and caused an infinite feedback loop?!

From an excavation of WWI trenches in Flanders:

'Loopgraaf' means 'trench' in Dutch. (There's a play on words with 'opgraven', which means 'excavate').

I never got the story on this one, but I'm sure it's good.

Last but not least: the T-shirt of the local crane company, Tufan Vinç, Ağlasun. Every good excavation needs a good crane driver.

No archaeology-themed underwear was located this season. I'm saving that one until I, um, get to know the crew a little better.

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