02 July 2012

The Modern Charioteer

In my usual morning reading about the global economic meltdown my mind was blown by this modern-day charioteer cruising on the interstate. He's driving this thing with reins. Note the NASCAR billboard!
via Art Car
Chariot racing was the main spectator sport of Greek and Roman civilization, complete with heroic riders, politicized racing factions and city-destroying sports riots. Our anonymous driver above isn't the only one to feel the magic. Youtube user Magician132 has video of his awesome motorcycle chariots in action at Sturgis. He sells these things!

Says Magician132:
I build three a year and the price range is around $100,000.00. It's worth every penny. You can have three or four people with you and carry a bunch. The best way I can describe riding on my chariot is as follows, especially doing about 70 MPH, that's when you really get this feeling that comes over you, picture yourself standing on a flying carpet as everything goes floating by, it's awesome. That's the feeling, nothing like it.
They were going to do an exhibition at Daytona Beach in 2008, with WCW wrestler Buff Bagwell as the celebrity spokesman! But the shipping company lost some crucial parts so it didn't happen. Bummer. This looks like a sickeningly awesome ride.

Because I'm a nerd, I have to point out that this idea was first explored back in the early days of motoring. Check out this German four-bike chariot from 1938.

via Silodrome

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