04 May 2012

Archaeopop news roundup for May 4

Enmeshed in writing a paper about museums and historic preservation in Gaziantep, Turkey, so I'm just tossing you a few morsels to distract you.

Paul Krugman and Ron Paul debate Roman monetary policy. Krugman: "I am not a defender of the economic policies of the emperor Diocletian."

Tomb of the McMummies creator wants to branch out: "I would like to include mummies from different cultures and fast food chains such as Taco Bell Aztecs, Pizza Hut Pompeii, and scurvy Pirates made from Long John Silver's." 

Looters take over the Crac des Chevaliers. The situation in Syria is bad, bad, bad.

The Getty lays off their whole education department. Now James Cuno can use the money to buy some of those artifacts being looted in Syria!

All you ever wanted to know about Etruscan sex life. "They are keen on making love to women, but they particularly enjoy boys and youths."

A fantastic time lapse video showing the origins of globalization.

My obsession with weird chainmail is officially out of control (via Drunkethics):

Love the DIY Lego 'stache

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