29 December 2011

Peru's Culture Minister (was) Susana Baca

Clarification: I was late to this one. With the resignation of the Prime Minister and reshuffling of the Peruvian cabinet in mid-December, Baca was replaced as Minister of Culture by Luis Peirano Falconí, a professor of communication studies at the Pontificial Catholic University of Perú. Good luck to Prof. Peirano.

From The Guardian. Susana Baca!

Chosen in July by President Ollanta Humala, Baca is Peru's first Minister of Afro-Peruvian descent. It's a joy to see a giant of culture actually in charge of culture, but I can't say I envy her: being a great artist and being a great administrator are, shall we say, different skill sets. I hope she can find a way to juggle her career while looking after the nation's culture. Not to mention its overworked archaeological sites!

Negra presuntuosa indeed. Bring 'em on, the world could use many more.


  1. FYI: She was named the Minister of Culture when President Humala took office, but there has been a change in President Humala's cabinet recently. With the resignation of the Prime Minister earlier this month, all other ministers were replaced. Unfortunately Susana Baca no longer is the Minister of Culture.

  2. Thanks for the clarification!