15 July 2010

Herc lost his Dongle

These days it seems like all I have to do is look at my Facebook feed to get ideas for Archaeopop. Patrick Crowley over at Columbia put this chortle-worthy gem on his feed today, and I'm pirating it!

Patrick sez:
I think this image came from some technology nostalgia blog, but for the life of me I don't think I could find it again. I suppose I liked not only the comparison between the dongle-less new technology and the penis-less Hercules Farnese, but also the further implication that because "dongles are history," so is the "complete" statue in its ancient state. At the risk of reading too much into the ad, I think it's a cute document in the history of sculptural restoration!
Heh, you said dongle.

1 comment:

  1. There was a bit of controversy about old Herc and his 'dongle' in Adelaide, South Australia a few years ago. There were plans to move him back to the center of the city where he originally stood. But there were some who thought his...erm...'dongle' was too small to be in such an open and visible location and that he would suffer ridicule:


    Here is a photo I took a few years ago: