11 March 2010

Nibiru Palace: New Math Proves Apollo = Satan?

OK, here’s the scoop. This video shows how the ancient Greek god Apollo = Apollyon, the beast from the pit in Revelations. And it proves that his satanic presence is EVERYWHERE. The dollar bill, the pyramids, the Maya Calendar, the Olympic rings, the coat of arms of the Vatican, the Freemasons, the chess board, the Nazis, everywhere. Basically, if you unscramble ΑΠΟΛΛΟΝ you get 666 in Roman numerals. But don’t just take my word for it.

Your host for this romp is Chris Constantine, the curator of the amazingly named 'Nibirupedia'. Despite his obvious enthusiasm and skill with video editing, his theory gets a big NOT. Constantine makes a rookie mistake and assumes that ancient Greeks used Roman numerals. They actually used a system where letters stood for numbers, like so1:

So all those bits of Roman numerals flying off the dollar bill and out of the pope's behind and whatnot and forming the Name of the Beast are just bunk. It’s a shame that he doesn’t know shit about ancient mathematics, because the ancient Greeks LOVED paranoid ravings about numerology, from Pythagoras on down to the Byzantines. They would have understood EXACTLY where he was coming from. If you want to know more about the real practice of Greek numerology, this guy Joel Kalvesmaki did his dissertation on the topic. His website has a bunch of good resources to get you started. It's weird and interesting.

I like conspiracy theories, but I have some quality control standards these days. It’s pretty lame if you don’t back up your ravings with decent data. Holy Blood, Holy Grail had a ton of historical fact in it2, so when Dan Brown ripped it off it came off as a plausible ancient mystery. I do like Chris Constantine’s website, though, because he uses so many archaeological bits to illustrate the presence of ancient astronauts and their connection to the grand battle between Jesus and the Freemasons. He’s got the secret planet Nibiru hypothesis of Zechariah Sitchin, who learned about ancient UFO visitations via Sumerian tablets, plus lots of stuff on pyramids:
the Mayan Calendar is also a cryptic 3D depiction of a UFO, swirling thrust and a Pyramid just like those at Giza. The Satanic Cult of Freemasons (illuminati) use Mayan symbols as well as Babylonian, Greek, Egyptian, Roman etc.
Be careful, archaeologists, your research is leading you into un-biblical territory.

I'll let Chris have the parting word.
I have encountered immense opposition in researching the matters relating to:
1. Jesus Christ 2. UFOs 3. Nephilim 4. Reptilians 5. Masonic Logos 6. Nibiru ( Planet X ). Organised internet hate groups have made it impossible for people to debate these matters on a large scale.
True dat.

1 There were a couple other Greek letter systems (the ‘Herodian’ and the ‘Acrophonic’) which were kinda like Roman numerals except with Greek letters. But since they’re totally different letters, Chris’ theory doesn’t work the same way. Go here if you want the details.
2 Despite apparently being a surrealist prank? By Jean Cocteau? But if it was a
surrealist prank, then it could be all true, right? You can now download the whole book from disinfo and decide for yourself.


  1. I love the dude's graphic style. I'm afraid i have to watch this video now, but it better not make my brain fragment. Not today.

  2. Also notice the twice crossed X was the Masked Men's logo.

  3. It will definitely make your brain fragment, be careful.

    Wait, so does that mean the Masked Men were part of the VATICAN????? WHOA!!!!

  4. I like chris hes uncovered some interesting stuff but he believes a bit too much in ufo's and the like and is all into exposing the nwo and isnt represntative of all born again believers.