06 June 2009

I love H-NET

H-NET is a listserv for historians. Sometimes it delivers gems like this to my inbox, and I fall in love with the academic life all over again.
From: "XXX XXXXX" <xxxx@xx.edu>
Sent: Friday, June 05, 2009 7:20 PM

Subject: History and Culture of Ice Fishing -- Seeking Information

I am looking for references and discussions of ice fishing, particularly but not exclusively in New England. More specifically, I'm looking for suggestions of where I might turn for anecdotes, personal narratives, or histories that focus on the interaction of humans and fish on frozen water. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. You can respond to the list or to me directly: xxxx@xxx.edu

Many thanks,

Associate Professor of Humanities

XXXXXX University, College of General Studies

New England? Michigan is definitely where it's at, as this under-ice pike fishing video demonstrates:

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